Friday, November 14, 2008

Unko Smoked Salmon Cupcakes + Friends

Sometimes, even when you do something for part of your living, such as baking boutique cupcakes, sometimes even you too might make a chocolate cupcake with vanilla frosting that looks like a swirled pile of smoked-salmon unko. Yes, even when you're practicing your decorating skills on a Friday night, you can make such a thing. But, you think to yourself, oh well. Yes, artists make mistakes and sometimes the best artists are able to fix their mistakes. Even ones that look like a very heightened pile of smoked salmon unko!!! So what I did was, I added a whole crapload (haha) of sprinkles.

But then, you also think, well hey, I also just made some rather cute Coco Choco Vanilla minis, each with an Elizabethan-collar-style light pink ruffle, like haute couture Philip Treacy-raspberry-hat-topped guards standing outside of Fashion Cupcake's villa. So you think, hey. Not too shabby. And you find the comedy in the smoked salmon unko cupcake, and then when your husband comes home from work he takes a huge bite out of it anyway!!


Snooky doodle said...

Ha these look nice :)welll you hid the salmon ones with sprinkles so thay are just fine :)

Palidor said...

I think your cupcakes look great anyway! Though, the icing is so high I'd have trouble taking a bite out of it!

gyoza*girl said...

unko! unko! smoked salmon unko!