Thursday, December 4, 2008

Oh No You Dih'nt L.Sung...?

Oh yes you did! I bought myself a new camera, woohoo!! I've been doing the "I got five thousand doll-ahs" dance for a whole day, Wayne's World style, but instead "I got me a new cam-rah!"...!

Obsessed, I am, with documenting those little fluffer cupper cakes that puff their way out of my vintage brown oven and into my heart with a froof-swirl piping of buttercream and a magic dusting of sprinkles. I got a lovely new Sony digital SLR from Sony Style!

Upcoming events I'm excited to document: my nephew Brody's first birthday on December 31st, and Coco Cake sole proprietor L.Sung has some ridiculously cute ideas up her puffed sleeve for the adorable little guy! Key word: TOTORO. Stay tuned!

So here are the first pics from my new camera, birthday cupcakes for a gal named Hyo Shin, dark chocolate Coco Choco with chocolate buttercream, and Berry Good with baby-pink creamcheese frosting, with a request for one of Coco Cake's vintage ballerinas! Too cute! Wondering why the picture size is a little funny-- kind of squashed? I will read the manual while lying in bed this evening and hopefully the next batch of pics won't look weirdo.

Mad love,


gyoza*girl said...

awesome cupcake shots mb! :) nice splurge on the cam, yo.

gyoza*girl said...

brody can't wait for aunty lynds' coco cake 1st birthday cupcakes!!!!!!!!! yippee!

The Cake Maker said...

Love the ballerina photos, such cute cupcakes!