Saturday, January 10, 2009

Canadians And Hockey And Cupcakes

Many Canadians enjoy the sport of hockey. Even Chinese Canadians. Chinese Canadians such as my entire family, particularly my mom, who is an avid Vancouver Canucks fan. So when Coco Cake created cupcakes that supported the competition, there was the real possibility of upset. "Make sure you put a Canucks cupcake in there!" said my mom when I mentioned I was making Edmonton Oilers-themed cupcakes! (I can just hear my mom and cousins when reading this post: "BOOOO! BOOOOOOOOO!" )

Admittedly these were my first sports-themed cupcakes for Coco Cake. I wondered if I could retain my usual vintage-feel look while still making the cupcakes Oilers-y enough? Trying to get a dark navy blue buttercream proved a bit difficult, but the end result turned out to be quite lovely! In the end I made two dozen vanilla cupcakes with Edmonton Oilers-themed orange and blue buttercream, and homemade Oilers picks, paired with two dozen Lemon Love cupcakes(lemon cake with lemon creamcheese frosting... !) and 40 vanilla minis... ! Plus, blue fondant letters with "Go Brent Go" for the birthday guy! Once again it looked like perhaps this "Brent" person could be a 6 year old boy instead of a man turning 40. Alas, such is the nature of cupcakes!!! They are fun, whimsical, truly delightful little cakes!

It was a fun project and I really enjoyed doing it. Hope you had a great birthday Brent!

P.S. -- for my mom-- : Go Canucks!


gyoza*girl said...

AWESOME cupcakes yet again lil sis. The Oilers cupcakes were a hit at Brent's 40th (not 4th) birthday party! :) Lil Brody wore navy blue and orange colours for his Uncle's bday party too - however we told his Uncle Brent, ONLY for your birthday! On regular days it's back to Canucks green and blue as usual!

Snooky doodle said...

These look nice :) The colours are so bright how did you achieve those colours? did you use liquid or paste blue colouring ?

Coco Cake Land said...

thanks gyoza gal and natalie!! leanne, great to know the cupcakes went over well! poh poh will be happy to know brody only wears those colors once a year!

natalie, i used gel coloring, in sky blue and black to achieve the navy blue! :)

Brent, Janice and Jocelyn said...

A big thank you for these awesome cupcakes from myself and all of Oilerdom! Lyndsay you may have to franchise out to Oil Country as these treats were incredible. Can't say enough about your attention to design, and just how great tasting they were. They were definitely the hit of the party. The cupcakes (my nickname in high school, kidding) melted in your mouth, and being 40 I could eat them without my dentures :{). Go Oilers and Go CoCo Cakes!

Taracrofty said...

orange and blue,
we're all for you,
block that guard,
hit'em hard!
(junior high cheer flashback when i saw those cakes!)

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