Sunday, January 18, 2009

Coco Cake Cupcakes Getting Married... Indie I Do

Coco Cake and sister company Cake & Lemonade Super 8 Wedding Films had a ball of a time at their very first wedding fair, Indie I Do. Coco Cake has in fact decided she's getting married to the dessert tables of some very lovely and stylish Vancouver brides. Thank you to all who came by and enjoyed a cupcake, and I certainly enjoyed speaking to you about your cupcake nuptial desires! "These moonlight desires haunt me...!" (Remember Gowan in Degrassi Junior High anyone??)

Hours were spent prepping for this event, including the making of felt banners on sequin string, the construction of a stripey-adorable custom stand, and ice cream shaped and frosted sugar cookies. I also made raspberry buttercream almond macaron. Having two booths was a double-whammy to my poor brain, and I had been dreaming about my post-wedding fair nap for an entire week, haha...

I had a Coco Cake cupcake bar, as well as a cupcake display in the cute little lounge area. My sister business, Cake & Lemonade, had a table as well, with my business partner Rafael doing most of the socializing while I woman-ed the cupcake bar along with a kind volunteer named Cath. I made five flavours for the event, Coco Chocolate, Coco Vanilla, vegan Coco Chocolate Ganache, Coco Choco Peppermint and the party fave, Lemon Love! All in a selection of colorful frostings, piped royal icing accoutrements, flowers and sprinkles.

All in all we met some amazing fellow Vancouver vendors, including Photobooth Vancouver, Sunlit Letterpress and Pollination Floral Design! Of course we also met some beautiful ladies ( and a couple of guys!) who are tying the knot and dreaming of tiers of beautiful cupcakes at their receptions. Mad props to the organizers, all my pals and family for stopping by, and of course thanks to my cute and cool husband RT for helping me set up, carry all my stuff and giving me moral support!

What a blast, what a day! See you all soon!


iffer said...

It was amazing to meet you! I had so much fun, and I'm grateful for the sugary treats!

Snooky doodle said...

how many nice cupcakes :) glad it was a success

gyoza*girl said...

good times at Indie I Do! lemon cupcakes were YUMM-mers! :)

Coco Cake Land said...

--hi iffer, awesome to meet you too, my bright pink ginger flower looks sooo pretty in my vintage dinosaur-egg 1960s vase.

--thanks natalie!! i always appreciate your kind words!

--leanne: ho-sik-lahhh! li--mon!

Fin-ish Me Cupcakes said...

I love all your cupcakes they are soo classic and looks extremely yummy!

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Wow amazing job love it, those cakes remembers my mom grandma, when she made it just for fun and they taste really good.
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