Friday, June 26, 2009

To The Batmobile!

This was a total blast to make, and a real family affair. Chris turns 30-- so for this special event, his sweet mother, who lives in New Zealand, emailed me to request some very chocolatey cupcakes for her son, who is a Batman aficianado! I met Chris's wife too, who it turns out, has a baby due in August! So my heart melted for this cute and cool family who sought out Coco Cake Cupcakes to make some super special cupcakes for an obviously special guy.

I enlisted a very special guy myself to help me with this project: my husband Rich! Rich was in charge of creating and remolding a Batman logo shape out of one of my large collection of cookie cutters, which I believe he made on his lunch break while watching the Rockford Files. Thank you honey!!

Bright colours and a retro cartoon throwback was my theme for this Batman project; the Batman logos and blue and yellow lettered cupcakes are made from fondant; I also cut out and made flags from an old Batman logo. The cupcakes themselves were Callebaut chocolate ganache FILLED chocolate cupcakes, with chocolate buttercream. YUM!

Happy 30th Birthday Chris!


Caroline said...

The colors and logos are SO right on! These are beautiful.

gyoza*girl said...

Holy awesome cupcakes, Batman!