Friday, August 28, 2009

Sailin'... Take Me Away...

Hi everyone! I am off on a sailing vacation around the gulf islands of British Columbia. Hoping to do some relaxing, fishing, swimming, reading, exploring, with only S'mores to bake! My favorite!! I can give my buttercream-piping wrists a well deserved break!

This gorgeous picture of vanilla buttercream topped vanilla Coco Cake cupcakes was taken by one of my best friends, Amy Pelletier! The little sailor dude in the tugboat was my favorite bath toy when I was a kid, splashing around in the bath. Little did I know that I would be marrying a sailor some 25 years later... ! Now I call this toy Little Richie. Heehee!

I'll be back on September 7th, with tons of crazy cupcakes to work on when I get back!

Have a lovely rest of the summer. Fall will be fabulous too!

xo Lyndsay


gyoza*girl said...

have fun sailing with the sailor! :) can't believe you still have that bath toy. awesomeness. jb.

Mini Baker said...

hehe cute! love the little sailor!
happy baking,
Mini Baker

Snooky doodle said...

How cute! Happy vacation. Enjoy it :)

apparentlyjessy said...

Have a fabulous and safe vacation Lyndsay! That little boat and sailor toy is so cute!

Jennywenny said...

How cute! My family love to sail, but I didnt get the bug, but I appreciate the peaceful tranquility of it!