Thursday, November 5, 2009

Coco Cake Cupcake Round-up: Last Week!

Fondant letter topped vanilla cupcakes for Jenny, for her friend Ken!

I love laying out the lettering and snapping a bird's eye view photo!

A single E... atop a fluffy vanilla buttercream swirl!

A different view of Ken's cupcakes...

Hot pink vanilla buttercream topped dark choco cupcakes!

The ethereal light of the cupcake gods... shinin' like a beacon of cupcake hope!

Cute little matching flag I made for the Dolltopia book launch in Vancouver!

Cute little skull cupcakes for Cannon's Halloween birthday party!

Hand drawn white fondant skulls, horror "bruise" colored buttercream, orange liners!

Marina ordered these for a baby shower: Perfectly pretty light green buttercream topped cupcakes; 5 teddies for the kids!

Teddy Bear Ted!

It was a tizzy of a week, especially the weekend... so many lovely cupcakes being pumped out of the Coco Cake headquarters! Above, a collection of some of my work from the past week!

Phewf. On Halloween day, not only did I have major cupcakes to create, but I also performed with my art duo GUIMAUVES for a kid's Halloween show, plus I worked until 1130pm.. and then went out after to see my dear pal Amber sing in Black Mountain at the Rickshaw in Vancouver!! I'm a maniac!!

STAY TUNED for a post on my latest Where The Wild Things Are cupcakes and cake... EEKS so cute... they turned out awesome!!


Anonymous said...

I just love your work! <:^^:> ! It is all so kawaii! You even make scarey skull cute!

Yuki ^^

Coco Cake Land said...

ha! thanks yuki!! i appreciate the comment!! :)

lyndsay :)

Vancouverista said...

I just gasped when I saw them


Very sweets and nice.
Creation is for the enjoyment, while others say that it is for her work
Dickson j david

Unknown said...

What tip size did you use for the hot pink frosting?