Monday, November 30, 2009

Naruto Cupcakes for Becky's Birthday!

Sweet and pretty Becky's birthday rolled around last week and her thoughtful boyfriend Michael (who incidentally, I learned recently that we went to the SAME ELEMENTARY SCHOOL and HIGH SCHOOL!) secretly emailed me with a cute idea: Naruto cupcakes! Okay, so I didn't actually know who Naruto was until he sent me the links! I made the four main Naruto characters, plus the rest in yellow "spikey" buttercream frosting, to resemble Naruto's hair! Michael also brought Becky with him to pick up the cupcakes and when I showed her the surprise it was so cute-- she loved them! Michael also emailed me the next day to say thank you, and also that his sister called them "cupcake pillows" they were so soft and delicious!! I love that! Cupcake Pillows!

Happy Happy Birthday Becky! Hope all your wishes come true!


Katta said...

I love your blog (even if it makes me usually hungry and leaves me wishing not to be so far away from all these cupcakes) but never left a comment so far - I am a bit afraid of making embarassing mistakes since English is not my first language...
But I couldn't believe they were no comments for the Naruto cupcakes yet, and as an old fan of this blond ninja, I felt like I should be "loyal"... So! First comment from me on a blog in my whole internet life!
The cupcakes look great, so colourful and fun! I love the idea with making them resemble Narutos hair! (Although I needed to read the text to get it)

Coco Cake Land said...

hi katta!! oh that is amazing, thanks for leaving your first comment for our dear pal Naruto!!!

thank you for your kind comment, and your english is amazing. plus, the more you practice your english, the better it will get ! :)

lyndsay :)

Finger-Lickin' Eats said...

Hi Lyndsay!

I was just looking on your blog while I received your email hehe.
Thank you again for the wonderful cake, she loved the 45 rpm a lot haha =)

A happy belated birthday to you!

Coco Cake Land said...

hi casey!

oh hooray!

haha, yes it was a smaller cake so it had to be a 45... :)

i'm a mild record nerd too so... !