Friday, November 13, 2009

Siblings!! Twin Cupcakes & More

Sorry I'm a bit behind on my bloggin' world this week! I took a relaxing little train trip down to Portland, Oregon to visit my dear friend Helen, who is doing her MFA at Portland State University. I had a mega fun time, eating my way through Portland and doing a little shopping too. I came home with a beautiful vintage purple silk dress for $18, three records from Mississippi Records, a book from Powell's Bookstore, and a lovely felted wool plaid wool scarf for my hubby! Fun!

Two sweet sibling stories this week at old Coco Cake HQ:

First of all, I received an email from Brie, who lives in the Netherlands, with a special request for her sister, who lives in Vancouver! A super secret birthday delivery to Janna's workplace, with Coco Cake Snowball cupcakes to the rescue! Gerry Sung helped me deliver these out to a printshop in Burnaby. An email from Brie a few hours later:

"I wanted to thank you again for making the wonderful cupcakes and helping me give my sister a birthday surprise---she was completely surprised and told me I was a dork."

Ah, sisterly love!! Happy Birthday Janna!

Next: the very pretty and stylish Kim (who works at stellar Vancouver store Jonathan & Olivia) was plotting a birthday surprise for her main man, and his twin brother! She sent me the CUTEST mock up drawing (bottom pic) to base the cupcakes from... and ordered matcha green tea buttercream cupcakes to boot. Very cool!!

Happy Birthday Freddy and Roddy!


Haley said...

You were in Portland! I was also at PSU tonight (but for a volleyball game), I can't believe I was so close to a cupcake celebrity. I really like the shade of green on the cupcakes. How do you get the colors you use? Do they come that way or do you mix?

Coco Cake Land said...

Hi there Haley!

The green on the matcha buttercream topped cupcakes is "au naturel", there is no green coloring apart from the color of the natural matcha green tea powder.

For colouring fondant and the odd buttercream, I use "gel" colouring, which is very potent so you only need a teensy bit.

Lyndsay :)

Laura Schaefer said...

What a great idea, using matcha for the green color. Yum.

Coco Cake Land said...

hey thanks teashop girl, but only use it for coloring if you like the taste of matcha green tea! (i personally LOVE it but others may not...!) :)

Anonymous said...

HA the muscle man one is awesome!!

Coco Cake Land said...

hi jenn!! thanks!! funny eh!!! :)