Monday, March 15, 2010

Hello Lehlo!

mini whale cake for baby shower!

How cute is my crafty art pal Joanne and her incredible design skills? I love parties with a beautiful design sense, and parties with serious cuteness... such as this whale invite! I made a dark chocolate cake with chocolate ganache filling, with a little fondant whale in the color themes of red and blue, and mini dark chocolate cupcakes with chocolate ganache and colorful sprinkles.

Such a beautiful story too... Joanne's friends Julian and Catherine have adopted a baby from South Africa and have named him Lehlo... beautiful picture of the two of them cutting the Coco Cake whale-topped cake...! Amazing.

The last two pics (and the pic of the lovely couple smooching!) are ones Joanne took of the party... love the set-up, the heart cupcake pics, the goodie bags and the whale/heart theme everywhere!

Congratulations Julian and Catherine on the new addition to your "pod"!



cArLa said...

you are so amazing! love the whale theme - beautiful creation, as always!

faithy said...

So creative!! I love how the whale theme goes with everything on the table!

Coco Cake Land said...

thanks carla!

thanks faithy! yes i love how the theme just rolled through the whole event... too cute...!!

ricebabies said...

Hey Lyndsay,

How goes it?
I will be at Blim end of March and June too. Pushing it as baby number 3 is due then 1 weeks after. ha ha

Coco Cake Land said...

kellie! all is well.

awesome, see you at blim!! i can't believe baby #3 is on the way... such a cute family you have!

jdawg said...

Hi Lyndsay,

I'm Ben's fiancee, Jen - and I keep coming back to the blog to check out what new and adorable things you keep making. This one "takes the cake". I love it - and I'm so excited to get to share your cute designs, and yummy cupcakes with our friends and family. Looking forward to working with you!

- jen

Coco Cake Land said...

hi jen! thanks so much!

yay! me too!

Jackie said...

So cute! What a great backstory too, hello lehlo, welcome to Canada w/ ur new mommy and daddy!!