Saturday, June 12, 2010

Coco Cake Round-Up!

Lorna ordered dark chocolate cupcakes with chocolate buttercream
for her boyfriend Curtis' birthday...

She also requested one to look like Elvis, and the other to look like a guitar... I chose Fat 1970s Elvis as my inspiration... yellow tinted shades and silver dragee sequin-work... Fat Elvis, or party animal Chinese relative??

My old friend Sabina from HIGH SCHOOL (who now lives in the UK) ordered Toopy & Binoo cupcakes for her nephew's birthday... ! Long distance order! :)

I didn't know these little dudes before this order. I like Toopy the rat's nutty look, and "casual times" Binoo..

These cupcakes remind me of a synchronized swimmer's floral-look cap from the 1950s...

I found that vintage plate at a thrift store a few years ago... I love the robin's egg blue...

Burger Time! Such an awesome game of the 1980s! Nicole and her co-workers ordered this burger cake for their boss Jeff at Drive Organics, here in Vancouver. Must be a pretty rad boss to garner a burger cake!!

Note the bacon. This bacon has a lot of fat on it.

More to come in Coco Cake Land, coming soon!

xo Lyndsay


ricebabies said...

Love that plate. Those cupcakes look wearable,so pretty.

Thanks for the cupcakes, we hae one left today. So yummy and everyone loved them.

Coco Cake Land said...

thanks kellie!! so happy everyone loved them. i thought they turned out pretty hilarious... will post soon! :)

cj said...

hee hee! I lol'd at the fatty bacon :) I'd still eat it!!