Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Calgary Cousins Cupcake Cuteness!

Man I'm lucky I have cool in-laws. The Trawicks are prettty prettty sweet, although they are the first to self-deprecate themselves! Not only did I marry an awesome fellow, but in tow came his great immediate family, his extended family, and crazy-town cousins (one of whom happens to also be one of my best buds).

Anyhow... way back in May, dear cousin Bryan married the lovely and superfun Danielle in a stylish and nonstop fun wedding in Cochrane, Alberta. B & D live and work in Amsterdam, and both love to travel the world, so the wedding reflected this in a lively way -- from a shot of vodka to kick off the dining, to Indonesian food, to a late night bratwurst bar! The guests were from all over the world to celebrate their union.

The food and drink flowed well into the evening, the dancefloor was bompin' and the bride's father was charmingly boogying into the night! And of course, Coco Cake sole proprietor and cousin-in-law L.K.Sung made cupcakes and a cake for the occasion!! This was my first (and, let's face it, likely the last! - sorry Randy!) time I will haul a Honda Element's worth of equipment, supplies, storage and cake stand on a 13 hours drive from Vancouver to Calgary! I baked everything at my own cousin Jenine's place (thanks again J!)... I must say it was a bit of a stressful time, just because I was so worried about everything turning out! I am so used to my own oven's temperament and my workspace and kitchen ,but I thought of it as a challenge, and of course I knew how happy it made B & D that I was making their wedding cakes! In the end I was thrilled with how everything turned out and I turned that stress into dancefloor energy. :)

The cake topper is of Bryan and Danielle on their little canal boat in Amsterdam! When Rich and I visited last year, we had a great time being cruised around on it, as well as being treated to some wonderful hospitality.

Many many congratulations to my cousins B & D!!!

Love, your Chinese cousin

Photography by Mud River Photography.


gyoza*girl said...

so awesome!!! love the cupcakes and such a cute couple!!! congrats B & D!! :) LOVE the topper LKS! nice write-up/post too. :)

Yuki said...

Cute, Coco! It looks so nice.

Yuki ^^

Anonymous said...

Cousin L - we had SO many complements on the cupcakes, and multiple oohs and aaahs on their presentation and supercute cake topper! You are so talented, and we were thrilled that you were able to haul your goods from Vancouver to bake for us on our wedding day. You are the best.

Love B&D

Jennywenny said...

How cute! Looks like fun times too! You'll have to wish me luck, I'm flying to my friends wedding in the uk, and baking a 3 tier cake for her in september!

Emily said...

Hi Lyndsay!
Looks like it was a beautiful wedding and sounds like it was a lot of fun!
I have to tell you - just the thought of hauling all those supplies and baking/decorating in an unfamiliar kitchen stresses me out! You did an amazing job! The cake topper is adorable!

jdavissquared said...

so darling! congrats to the lovely couple!

Coco Cake Land said...

yay B&D!!! xoxo

jenny, holy smokes, good luck! you will do an amazing job no doubt!

hi emily! the unfamiliar kitchen was definitely a fear factor! thankfully all worked out! it looked like a tornado hit my cousin's kitchen but it was all cleaned up by the time she got home from work! :)

thanks jdavis! :)