Saturday, October 9, 2010

Science Themed Birthday: Einstein Cupcakes!

Did anyone else have to dissect a cow eyeball in grade 8? I remember our crotchety old Science teacher bringing out the batch of eyeballs bobbing around in that unmistakable pickled stench of formaldehyde. Pretty disturbing stuff... yet fascinating of course. Do kids still do that in high school? Or is it all digital dissection and hovercrafts now?? ;)

I loved this order. Lani contacted me with a request: her son Adrian wanted a "science" themed birthday. How CUTE is that?? I remember getting a microscope for Christmas when I was in grade 6. Best present ever!!! Woodbugs, fingernails, hair pulled from my head, earthworms... everything got the microscopic treatment. Great present, mom and dad!! I wish I still had it.

Anyhoo, Lani wanted me to do some sort of Einstein-y cupcakes -- Albert Einstein that is. Thank goodness Einstein has such a specific caricature - although I guess he really did have crazy wiry puffy grey hair, bushy eyebrows and a big old moustache! I really loved how the fondant topper Einsteins turned out, and 2 out of 3 friends I showed them too immediately said "Einstein!!" (there's always the fear that people won't know who it is). The cupcakes were vanilla with dark chocolate buttercream, in red and white striped liners (because Adrian's fave colour is red).

Too cute! Happy Birthday Adrian!


cArLa said...

i definitely don't miss any of the dissections at school... but i absolutely love your einstein cupcakes. great job on them!!!

hihihi! said...

a few years ago i dissected eyeballs for school (near van.), so yes we still do
i just want to say these are soooooo cute!!!!!!! i was looking for cute stuff whenI found this
it made me smile at the cuteness and artistry :)

Marj Jenkins said...

These are so much cuter than the real Einstein... and your brilliance definitely rivals his!

Cassidy said...

That's just adorable. Your work is flawless.

Coco Cake Land said...

thanks carla!

thanks nina!

ooh, crazy... still dissecting them i see, carmily. thanks so much!

thanks marj!! i hope einstein would've been pleased to see his likeness in cupcake form.

thanks cassidy! ^_^

Lani said...

Thnx so much Lyndsay for the delicious Einstein cupcakes. So gracious to even have a taste of the yummy cupcakes. Parents and kids got a real chuckle and a TREAT!!!I can still smell the cupcakes!!

sprinkles said...

All your cakes are amazing, I especially love these science ones, Einstein has never been cuter. We are going to feature them tomorrow on Party Cupcake Ideas.

Coco Cake Land said...

oh thank you lani for the comment! so happy you loved them!

thanks sprinkles... ^_^