Sunday, December 19, 2010

My Dad's Birthday Cake: Hairy Dog With Moustache!

It was my Dad's birthday on December 17th and we celebrated by hitting up an old family favourite Portugese restaurant here in Vancouver. They do crisp potato chip-style fries fresh out of the deep fryer, which accompanies platters of roast chicken and sauteed squid with lemon.

I made a hairy dog cake for my beloved Dad because I wanted to make him something both special and hilarious. The cake itself was a green tea cake with matcha green tea syrup and vanilla creamcheese frosting! I also gave my dog cake a moustache... growing up throughout the 1980s and 1990s my dad ALWAYS had a thick black moustache. I still think he has one, even though it's long been shaved away! That's my Dad pictured above with our growing family... my sisters keep on pumpin' those kids out! ^_^

Happy Birthday Dad... I love you more than words or a blog or even a hairy dog cake with a curly moustache could ever say!

Love Lyndsay


Alanna S. said...

Oh so cute-THe mustache is a funny and strange addition but I like it! Happy Birthday to your Dad!

retro sweets said...

Awwww, the mustache made it sooooo cute; and I like the way those eyes look too. Ah, so sweet... Happy birthday to your Dad!

Nina Designs + Parties said...

Sooo cute! and a lot of work! I love it!

Coco Cake Land said...

thank you alanna!

thank you retro-sweets!

thanks nina!


Tash said...

Lyndsay you make such beautiful cakes! I love the moustache, too cute! Happy birthday to your dad, and happy holidays to you!

Chelsea said...

I must say, that restaurant sounds FANTASTIC so of course I searched out Portugesae restaurants in Van. Turns out delicious food descriptions don't exactly narrow the search; what's the name of the restaurant?

thea said...

you are a cake genius!!!!!! You should take part in Spoonful, it would be a great honour to have you!!



Coco Cake Land said...

thank you natasha!! happy new year! ^_^

chelsea, it's called Casa Verde, it's very unassuming-looking with very strange dated decor inside, and is on Commercial Street, just off Victoria Drive! ^_^

hey thanks thea! i think spoonful looks lovely! ^_^