Monday, June 20, 2011

Cute Cakes For A Cute Bride (and Groom!)

My dear pal Amy got married! And I was her Maid of Honour! Amy has always had a gorgeous sense of style. She is a bright, modern, super fashionable little cutie with a love of finely crafted things. Amy and Stephen got married at the Loden Hotel here in Vancouver - and I made four lovely buttercream cakes, each with their own little personality, for the occasion!

A dark chocolate, raspberry jam filled vegan furry-frosted "butter"cream cake was the bride and groom's cake... and a lemon cake with vanilla buttercream, a pink vanilla layer cake with vanilla "ruffled" buttercream and another dark chocolate cake rounded out the 4 cute cakes! I made little cake flags for each one.

Leading up to this wedding we had a giant craft-making night where we spent hours cutting out pompoms, putting together strings of tassel bunting, making ribbon wands and ribbon flags for cocktails. That was followed by a stagette in Las Vegas... a bridal shower hosted by yours truly... and the most gorgeous, stylish and adoration-filled wedding! (not to mention a killer dance party!)

To Amy and Stephen: I wish you all the happiness in the world, and a lifetime of love and laughter!!

xo Lyndsay

(amazing wedding photos by Lori Kiessling Photography!)


Neha said...

Gorgeous! LOVE the pom poms : )

Katie Yoon said...

Beautiful Cakes as usual!

Anonymous said...

beautiful setting! and the cakes look soo delish!

Jessica said...

what gorgeous photos! I love the paper decorations hanging from the ceiling, very innovative!

Anonymous said...

hello fellow bc'er!

i'm new to your blog and it's adorable! you are clearly very talented. i may have to email you about a little project i am doing!


neda mone said...

Lindsay! I saw this

thought of you! Hope your enjoying your break :)

Coco Cake Land said...

thank you everyone!! sorry for the late response! daily poster, that is the strangest link ever - why did you think of me???