Monday, October 22, 2012

Halloween Cake Tutorial! Hairy Green Witch Cat!

I know. I'm a weirdo. Hairy witch CAT cake?

Well, I wanted to make a Halloween tutorial for my wonderful readers out there. But I really don't like the typical Halloweeny type business - orange and black and gory yucky bloody stuff. Why not keep Halloween kind of cute? Kind of hairy? I thought of making a warty-faced witch cake. But then I thought, who wants to bite into a witch's big old wart, even if it's in cake form? Instead, why not bite into a cute little fuzzy cat face... Okay... that doesn't make a whole lot of sense either.

Another reason I wanted to make this cake was for my little baby Teddy's first Halloween party! I invited over some other new moms and their little babes for a super mini Halloween party. Teddy's costume this year is pretty sweet. You'll see it below.

So now... I present to you, a Coco Cake how-to! Halloween it up, everyone!

You will need: 

1. Two layers of baked round cake. Bake your cake in two round cake pans according to a recipe's instructions, let cool, level the cake with a serrated knife and you're ready to go! I made an 8 inch dark chocolate cake.
2. 4 cups of buttercream. You will need to frost the middle and sides of the cake plus have enough to pipe hair all over it, so 4 cups should cover it. I made vanilla buttercream and tinted it green with a dab of gel colour.
3. A multi-opening piping tip
4. A piping bag
5. A cake board, cake stand or plate
6. Some fondant, for making the face, ears and hat. You can buy pre-colored fondant, or buy plain white and buy some gel food coloring to color the fondant. Fondant can be purchased at your local cake supply shop or craft megastore in the cake supply section.
7. An offset spatula for frosting your cake - not crucial, you can also use a butter knife!

Okay! Here we go! I made a custom cake board by cutting out a piece of polka dot craft paper to the size of a 10 inch round cake board and glued it on top! I also made a custom Happy Halloween circular "flag" which I will tape to a toothpick and plunk into the side of the cake once it's finished.

Special piping tip: I call this the "hairy" tip or the "grass" tip. I think it's official name is the multi-opening tip (BORING) ... you can get this at a craft supply megastore in the cake section, or at a cake supply shop! Or, online at a place like Scoop N Save in Canada, or Bake It Pretty in the US of A! 

I bought those horrid green disposable piping bags in bulk, but you can also buy them through the above sources. I need to get some normal piping bags. Those green ones are so ugly for photos.

A drawing! I always do a little sketcheroo of my cakes. Heehee! A drawing is great as you can refer to it as you're working. Or you can freestyle it. Up to you.

Place one layer of your cake on your cake board. I always blob some buttercream underneath to stick it to the cake board and hold it in place when I frost. You can also tuck little pieces of parchment paper or wax paper just under the cake so the cake board doesn't get all buttercreamed out. Frost the top of the cake layer evenly, as this will be the cake's filling.

Place the second cake layer on top, serrated side down, lightly press down into the buttercream. Now, starting at the top of the second layer, frost away!

Frost the entire cake. This is called the "crumb coat", where you trap in all those pesky crumbs with buttercream. Usually I chill the cake in the fridge at this point to set the crumb coat and then apply another layer of buttercream so it looks all smooth and non-crumby. However, since we're making this into a hairy cat, you won't see the crumbs in the final product so I didn't bother with frosting it further.

Snip the tip off of your piping bag and place the multi-opening tip in. Fill 'er up, sir! I place the bag in a yogurt container for easy-filling. Twist the top of the bag and start squeezing out the hairy buttercream times!

Remove the parchment paper strips. Now, with the piping bag, squeeze out some hair and start from the bottom and pipe a line of hairiness up to the top. You can practice piping first on a plate until you get the hang of it if you wish. Go all the way around the cake in this same way... then pipe the top of the cake, too!

Now you can make all the parts for your cat face. Black whiskers, eyes, two round circles for cheeks, a little pink nose, a tongue, a witch's hat and two ears. To adhere the ears and hat to the cake, I place wooden skewers into the ears and hat, then plunk into the cake wherever I want the ears and hat to be...

Place all your fondant elements on the cake... pipe some additional hair onto the ears after you've put the wooden skewered fondant ears in place... and now you have...


Side view! Pretty hairy, eh.

Displayed and ready for party-time! That paper pumpkin: I free-hand cut the pumpkin out of orange craft paper and used a black sharpie for the details. Really, it's because I forgot to get a real pumpkin when I ran out to the store. So paper pumpkin had to do.

Sliced cake! Gad I love a picture of a cake that's sliced into. And my baby: TEDDY THE LOBSTER!

 I love these things when Fall rolls around. Orange dingle balls? No, I think they're called lanterns?

Yeah!! My new mom pals and their adorable babes (between 6 and 16 weeks in ages) and me holding Teddy in his lobster costume!!! The lobster outfit was an awesome hand-me-down from his 1 year old cousin Piper. That thing was so warm though that Teddy zonked out and fell asleep within minutes of wearing it, and I started sweating just carrying him, it was so hot. Great for a cold October night of trick or treating, though!

Why is a baby in a lobster costume so hilarious to me!

Hope you all enjoyed the cake tutorial - I plan on doing more of these tutorial-type posts, so please do come back soon!

Happy Halloween... !

xo Lyndsay


kickpleat said...

Awesome tutorial, Lyndsay! Did you tape the tip to the bag? That's the part that freaks me out - I never feel like the tip fits into the bag part, but maybe that's because I've always had cheapo tips and use weird bags.

Coco Cake Land said...

Thanks Jeannette!!

Ahhh but good point! I cut the tip off the piping bag and just jam the piping tip in. I always cut the hole much smaller than you would imagine, and then jam it in there. I would recommend using the plastic"coupler" thing with the tip just in case then...

Did that make any sense?? Hope so!!


Neha said...

What a cutie : ) And a cutie cake, too!

faithy said...

Congratulations Lyndsay! Your Baby Teddy is so cute and precious! What a great tutorial! Thank you for sharing! The cake is so cute too!

Jessica said...

you are so, so talented! Cutest cake ever :)

Coco Cake Land said...

@neha - thanks so much! ^__^

@faithy - you are so sweet - thanks for sharing it on your FB page, too!

@jessica - thank you kindly!!

Anonymous said...

wow thats looks very nice

Ysondra said...

Just lovely! It's great =)

Coco Cake Land said...

@ciska, thanks so much!

@ysondra... thank you! ^__^

Sue said...

Your cake is so adorable! I love the tiny little witch hat and the pretty shade of green! Teddy the lobster is darling!!!

Coco Cake Land said...

@sue, thank you so much - ! love your munchkin munchies site too, lots of amazing cookie ideas!

Anonymous said...

WOW! That's so amazing! I wanna eat it! :D

Anonymous said...

Wow so wonderful your Blog :)))

love it

greetz Tanja ♥

Anonymous said...


Your cake is very beautiful i would like to eat it

SweetThingsTO said...

Fabulous!!!! Teddy is the cutest cutest cutest lobster - I love it!!!

Coco Cake Land said...

@Jelita - thank you so much!

@Tanja - thank you for the sweet comment and for visiting!

@Lemondedelacreation - thank you!

@Juanita - haha! thank you! Teddy the Lobster a.k.a. "Pinchy" ^__^

Unknown said...

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Marj Jenkins said...

I love lobsters too - especially darling baby lobsters! The cake is almost as cute as Teddy, but I bet it would be a lot messier to hug!

Coco Cake Land said...

@melinda - thank you!

@marj - aww! thanks so much marj! :)

Amy said...

Adorable! My daughter would have loved this cake! Sadly, had I made it, it would have looked nothing like this! :)

Coco Cake Land said...

@Amy! Thanks so much... Give it a try, I am sure it will turn out great! :)

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Just lovely! It's great =)
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