Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Banana Party - Banana Garland DIY


How cool was I when I was 19. Real cool. So original with my Velvet Underground and Nico Andy Warhol poster hanging in my room. I remember first hearing a Velvet Underground song, I was 17 and driving in my new university city and listening to the college radio station. Nico's voice came on, droning "Femme Fatale" and I had never heard anything like it. 

Couple of years later we were on vacation in San Francisco with my family and I always liked to go to Amoeba Records because there's nothing like that anywhere else. They had loads of cool rock posters you could buy there - I remember pointing to the iconic Velvet Underground and Nico banana poster and asking for it and the guy rolling his eyes and yelling out to his friend, his voice dripping in sarcasm, "grab me a VELVET UNDERGROUND BANANA poster, please." 

You gotta start somewhere! 

Anyhoo this garland reminds of my old Velvet Underground banana poster. Wish I still had it. 

You will need: 
1 sheet of banana yellow craft paper (a slightly heavier weight paper)
scissors, black felt, mini hole punch, baker's twine, a pencil for drawing

Using your pencil, trace some banana-ish shapes on your yellow craft paper. Or you can free-hand cut out your banana shapes, like I did.

Get out your black felt! Colour in the "stems" black, and add a few random dashes and lines for banana markings. I snuck in a new happy face, too!

Using a mini hole punch (found at craft stores), punch two holes in the "black stems" of your paper bananas. 

String your baker's twine through the holes. 

Keep on stringin' until all those little banana buddies are strung along! 

Hang up your super cute banana garland on the wall or on a window and get ready to banana party it up!

I made a little banana party sign, too, and adhered it to a wooden skewer with some tape. 

Nothing screams banana party like an awesome cute banana garland! Now go put on your Velvet Underground records and stay tuned for the recipe for these cupcakes: BANANA MILK CHOCOLATE with DARK CHOCOLATE GANACHE. I will be posting it on Friday for your weekend baking!

xo Lyndsay


Sarah Crowder (punctuated. with food) said...

Love this! Looking forward to the recipe, too.

Coco Cake Land said...

@sarah, thanks so much! ^__^ said...

Oh yes, so fun and cute :)!

Coco Cake Land said...

Thank you, FIne Little Day! ^__^