Thursday, January 29, 2009

These Are The Days Of Coco Cake's Life

It's been a while since I've posted, and let me tell ya I love to post on my blog so I apologize for being a busy beaver! First off: HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR! Celebrate the year of the ox! This past weekend I was in Calgary for my grandmother-in-law's 94th birthday, it was lots of fun! Calgary was so cold that when I breathed in, my nostril hairs literally froze together. Weirdest feeling ever!! So to recap Coco Cake's life in the last while, here is a collection of pictures!

Coco Cake had the honour of being part of a tv shoot for OMNI Television, a program called Mandarin Magazine, where they interview Chinese artists in Vancouver and beyond. It felt like I was on a cooking show-- I set up chocolate cupcakes and a decoration station for the host, Helen Lee, and myself to decorate, and I did a quick vanilla buttercream demonstration! Yay!! We also talked about my jewelry design, COCO CHOW FUN. I'll let you know when it airs, it will be in late Feb or early March. Heehee!

Other Coco Cake cupcakey things: "Flag of Syria" themed birthday cupcakes for Engine Digital--- well allllllright! Beautiful pink and lavender cupcakes, Christa Min birthday cupcakes (partially decorated by the OMNI TV people!)

Coming up shortly... a wonderful retirement party, which I made the silver, white and light turquoise custom stand for, plus many more parties, even a children's book launch for Simply Read books! Pictures and posts of these projects coming soon, I promise!

See ya soon!


gyoza*girl said...

oooh, i love that cupcake stand! sweet! and cool flag cupcakes too.

lyndsay said...

hi sis, i am obsessed with making custom stands!! so many choices, paper, ribbon, etc!! aghhhh i love it!! i just ordered a bunch of vintage wrapping paper off of etsy and i can't wait to make some very special stands with the papers...!

Snooky doodle said...

wow how many marvellous cupcakes, Wish I knew you in person you would teach me alot of nice things :)

Fin-ish Me Cupcakes said...

i love your cupcakes stand it's really beautiful!

lyndsay said...

thanks! xo