Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Under The Sea! Cupcakes

The party crew!

I love this little starfish dude.

this guy's straight from Clown Town.

this guy is my favourite. CrabMan! Cool as a cucumber.

Michelle requested a "friendly shark!"

Here's Mark, underwater! Glub glub

Kawaii little sea turtle! Really into this guy too!

I made this fish up. Yellow and blue? Sure!!! There's gotta be a few of these species!

Dolphin power!

Side view!

Oh, just us again.

CrabMan and Starfish are total buds.

Boxed up and ready to party

Happy Birthday Mark flag!

It's so great to reconnect with long lost pals. Michelle and I knew each other in elementary school because her Auntie was good friends with my mom, then we ended up going to the same high school and become good friends! Post high school we all drifted apart and it wasn't until two years ago when I reunited with my old galpal crew from my high school days (for a night of mayhem and comedy)! Oh how everyone has changed, yet they look exactly the same too. Sigh!

Michelle ordered some snorkel/underwater sea creature themed cupcakes for her husband Mark's birthday! I absolutely loved doing these, I think they turned out so cute, each with their own funny little face... and of course Mark in his snorkel gear too!

Yet another Coco Cake picture EXPLOSION! Haha. Too much fun.

Happy Birthday Mark! Hope you had a great party! :)


Michelle said...

Fun was had by all Lynds! Thanks again for the yummy cupcakes, and the creative rendition of our latest underwater adventure!!

we have is-shoe said...

yummy! they are too cute to be eaten..

gyoza*girl said...

ooooh, super cute! love these little underwater guys! :)

Anonymous said...

These are SO cute!

lyndsay said...

yay michelle! thanks for the comment!

we have is-shoe, thanks!!

thanks sis!!! i bet brody would be into these little guys too!

thanks so much caroline! :)

Brandy L said...

Gorgeous cupcakes! :D

cabin + cub said...

oh so cute and yummy! it's always so fun to reconnect with old friends. ;)

Tanya said...

Cute! my favourite is the starfish!

Camilla Baker said...

I LOVE your site and wish you lived in Sydney as I need 120 cupcakes by Monday!
Just fabulous!

lyndsay said...

thanks brandy L...!!

thanks valerie... !!

thanks tanya... i love the starfish too... :)

thanks camilla!!!

Josephine Chaos said...


gonna move to vancouver, i swear!

lyndsay said...

hah! see you in vancouver! ^__^