Friday, April 30, 2010

Ayla & Tony Cuteness!

wheee! i love photo set-ups!! :)

Ayla and Tony got married in Maui. LUCKY, right? Then flew home to a stylish reception at Vancouver's the Diamond bar. Coco Cake was a part of the festivities... dark chocolate gluten free and vegan cupcakes, topped with dark chocolate ganache and pretty white coconut. The Diamond is a lovely space, tall ceilings, tons of natural light and wood accents, a perfect mixture of vintage feel, keeping the sense of history of its origins in Gastown, and luxe but unpretentious modernity. You can tell an establishment is cared for when there is beautiful arrangements of fresh flowers.

Back to Ayla and Tony!!! You can tell they have a lovely sense of style... from the envelopes they sent in the mail to me. Ahhhdorable. Even taped up with fancy designed scotch tape. Love it. Ayla sent me an email post-wedding with this note:
"The cupcakes were amazing and everyone loved them!
They were SO delicious!"
So happy to be a part of their lovely day!

Congratulations you two! :)

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