Monday, March 30, 2009

Blim Market: Good Times, Cool Cupcake Moments

What a blast at the first of the monthly Blim Art Markets at Cambrian Hall! Cupcake fever was on, and Coco Cake cupcakes sole proprietor L.K.Sung will need to double cupcake output for next month's market because the cupcakes sold out in just a few hours. Mega apologies for those who came down and only found a bunch of hand cut leather leaf earrings to eat. Next month there will be more, more, MOOOORRE cupcakes! Props to my honeybun Rich, my sis Leanne, my good pal Sharon and "Korean cousin from another Asian race" Christa Min for partying it up with me at my table, plus other pals and family who stopped by to say "hellllooo"!

Next month I will also be selling a limited amount of 4 cupcake taster boxes, with a yummy assortment of cupcake flavours, so those "on the go" can take 'em home and scarf em down in front of the TV or have a fancy and scrumptious little tea party or give someone a bday prezzie, etc!

Top faves at the sale were definitely Coco Chocolate (chocolate with chocolate buttercream and sprinkles, yum!) and vegan Coco Ganache with raspberry filling, as well as the beautiful Coconut Dream (coconut cake with creamcheese frosting, and lovingly house-toasted crunchy and browned coconut flakes!) Old friend Lemon Love created some lemony smiles and it was great to see people walking around enjoying all the crazy art, cool stuff, clothing and other foodstuffs while chomping into a Coco Cake cupcake!

I also bought myself the CUTEST SNOOZING CAT FACE PILLOW! I can never be in one of these markets and not buy something myself. When you flip the cat pillow over, it's a SNOOZING KAWAII FACED ASIAN GIRL! I love it, thanks Jen!

Wonderful, wonderful day. See you all next month at Cambrian Hall! I will be making an assortment of flavours once again... flavours to be announced closer to the date!

Yay! Talk to you all soon!


Snooky doodle said...

nice cupcakes :)

Jan Halvarson said...

Oh yes it was fun to meet you! Too bad all your cupcakes were gone though by the time i got there - the table looked great! But thanks for finding me one in your secret stash!

Hug and Stuff said...

I'm so happy you're happy! Thanks again! It was lovely to meet you and I can't wait to snatch up your beautiful cupcakes at the next market before they're all gone.

tid bit said...

What fun! Love all your cakeplates :)

Coco Cake Land said...


--natalis, thanks!

--jan, there's always something in the secret stash for ya!

--lisa, eeks every time i look in my bedroom i chuckle when i see that adorable cat pillow!

--tidbit, thanks!

You Are My Fave said...

The set-up looks amazing. I wouldn't be able to pass those up.