Saturday, March 28, 2009

Tears Of A Clown: Circus Cake/Cupcakes!

Two clown-ish memories of elementary school:

Memory One: Being 7 or 8 years old (in grade 3?) and watching an assembly in the school gymnasium of the grade 7 students dressed as clowns doing a juggling act with colorful scarves to the tune of "Send In The Clowns." Super weird, super awesome. We had panda bear head juggling balls at our house which I would attempt to throw around. That, or oranges, as there was always plenty of fruit.

Memory Two: Being in possibly grade 6 or 7 and watching the extremely terrifying Stephen King-brought-to-television miniseries "It." There is a scary, scary clown in that one. Note to parents: kids really do remain terrified of scary things they see on TV or at the movies for many years to come! Example: I was scared to go into the bathroom for two years because I thought I would find E.T. almost-dead on the floor, all white and powdery, moaning for help and possibly trying to kill me. Even though E.T. was benign.

Now onto life in the future: a wonderful request for a "circus" themed vanilla Coco Cake and matching delicious cupcakes for Aza's 7th birthday party! "Hmm," I thought. "Could I possibly create a CLOWN cupcake that wouldn't entirely terrify me??" The challenge was on. To make a clown cupcake cute.

Making the cake circus-y themed was lots of fun. I immediately thought of a big circus tent, so red striped cake was crucial. Then I thought of circus animals. Initially I was thinking elephant sitting on top of a ball. But then, I remembered how CUTE seals are! A funny little grey seal, with a ruffled collar, balancing a red ball on his head!

I drew diagrams of the cake and cupcakes first, and followed the drawings pretty closely. I have been doing this lately and it's been very helpful! I thought the key to my clown cupcakes would be friendly little eyes. No scary clown makeup. I made friendly little clown hats using fondant, sprinkles and red candy hearts, and drew my clowns as friendly as can be. I think my clown cupcakes turned out pretty cute too!

To view an easy tutorial on how I make an animal face (or clown face!) cupcake, go to my flickr site here!

Phewf! Cute clown cupcake challenge is over! I was going to look up the TV miniseries "It" and do a link to it but I got too scared, LOL. Yes, I am a CHILD!


Snooky doodle said...

hoe cute. the little seal is adorable and the cupcakes so nice. Well everything is awesome :)

Jennywenny said...

Oh funny, I just commented on your flickr page about what an achievement it is to make a cute and not scary clown! Love everything, very cool.

Scatteredmom said...

Those clowns are adorable!

tid bit said...

Those clowns are really cute. And I'm not much of a clown fan, either. Even the Baskin Robbins clown cones would freak me out! ('Cause what's scarier than a clown? A decapitated clown!)

gyoza*girl said...

success! a not-at-all-scary, super cute clown cupcake! awesome. love the matching lions and amazing circus with a seal cake too. one of my faves! :)

Coco Cake Land said...

yay! thanks everyone!!

--jennywenny: yay to no scary clowns!

--scattered mom: muchos gracias!

--tid bit: too hilarious re: baskin robbins clown cones. i gotta google an image right now...

--gyozagirl: yahoo! seal cake! and i don't mean the singer who's married to heidi klum!!!

Henry said...

Wowee! Your cupcakes are beautiful. My favourite so far is the very hungry caterpillar.
Please don't every stop baking.
Love Henry

Coco Cake Land said...

henry, you are a stuffed monkey that bakes. you should never stop baking yourself, my good (monkey) man.. !

MizzJ said...

Heya I just found your blog and your cupcakes just made me go "Eeee!" out loud lol! They're all so adorable :)

Coco Cake Land said...

lol! thanks mizz j!!!

Cheeky Kitchen said...

Oh! Stop! Those are toooooo clever! However did you think up the little sprinkle ears? I love the simplicity o the faces, too.

Thanks SO much for letting me know about your circus post on MY circus post! What a BEAUTIFUL blog! I will for SURE check in to watch and wonder.

Happiest day!