Friday, August 21, 2009

When Cool Kids Get Married: Sara & Mike

dark chocolate gluten free vegan wedding cupcakes!

Sara contacted me a few months ago with hopes that I could possibly make some delicious gluten free, dairy free cupcakes for her and her man for their wedding day. After a trial run of 1 dozen (it was my first attempt at gluten free cupcakes! I used white rice flour and a bit of xantham gum), Sara thought they were delicious and secured Coco Cake for her and Mike's wedding. Sara sent me their wedding website with some tough and cool engagement photos by Sakura Photography! as seen above! I dig that puddle photo. Cool eh?

I just love doing weddings. It really feels like an honour to be a part of someone's special day. I know I say this a lot but it's a really great feeling!! I'm happy I've found a career (so far-- those who know me know I have job A.D.D.) that I can be stoked on: creativity, FOOD, and working with people... pretty dreamy. Another dream job I had like ten years ago was to be a lipstick namer. That seems like it would be really fun. Cherry Overcast Day, Malibu Peach Bikini, Purple Moon...

The last picture is of the cupcakes on their fancy white stand, all decked out, set up and ready to be chomped in a wedding-happy fervor. Happy happy wedding times Sara and Mike! All the best to you!


Mini Baker said...

those cupcakes look delicious! gluten-free recipes are challenging at times, but those look great!
Beautiful couple too :)
I also LOVE doing weddings!
-Mini Baker

Coco Cake Land said...

thanks mini!!! yes, i was happy with the results of these! i ate one to test it of course... :)

leslie biggar said...

the cupcakes were great!

Coco Cake Land said...

thanks leslie!! love your photography! :)