Monday, September 21, 2009

Coco Cake's Pizza Party Cake! Fo Real!

Zing!! How cool would it be to work at a great local Vancouver design/marketing/programming firm, and get treated to WICKED AWESOME things for your birthday? Man. That's boosting staff morale. I approve, hard. The amazing Engine Digital in Vancouver ordered a hee-larious cake for one of their staff members... a PIZZA CAKE. You may remember Coco Cake partying it up with the hamburger cake in the past... Now here comes pizza! I made it into a tutorial style thing too so you can make your own!!


This puppy above is a 14 inch round cake. It's a biggie. It can feed a lot of people!! I did a bit of googling to see how many cups of batter I would need. I did a very scientific comparison (NOT!) and found that I would need to basically make enough batter for 48 cupcakes! I doubled my usual 2 dozen vanilla cupcake recipe for this. Worked perfect! I baked it at 325 degrees for about 60 minutes, watching pretty closely.

I bought some fancy Callebaut white chocolate for the "cheese." Then I grated it into a party pile. I made fondant pepperoni, tomatoes, mushrooms, green pepper and olives too, while humming "pizza party!" Did you know white chocolate really IS chocolate? It's made from the cocoa butter of the cacao bean. But, sometimes you'll find some waxy stuff that pretends it is white chocolate but is just made up of oils. Read those ingredients!

"Rich!!!! Can you go get a slice of pizza from 4 Brothers and ask them if they will give you a box???" --"Yes dear..." It cost 50 cents!!! I soaked my big old cake round with simple syrup, then I frosted it with some tomato-sauce-colored vanilla buttercream! A weird color, methinks. I used red food gel, mixed with a bit of brown.

Fromage time! Sprinkle-dee-doo, I sprinkled my white chocolate all over.

Time to arrange my hilarious toppings! A year ago I bought this awesome mushroom cookie cutter with the intention of making smurf-like mushroom sugar cookies. But I got burnt out on the pain of sugar cookies, so I finally got to use it on my "pizzaz" cake!

A close up. Looks pretty good I think! The pepperoni reminds me of my husband's veggie meat slices, heh heh... (he's a vegetarian. Ex-vegan, even!)

Oh yah, I added the words "Shady" to the cake, by request... but I hid them to make it look like the rest of the green peppers.

Ding, dong, your pizza's here!! Man, I am seriously craving real pizza now... eeks... !!!

Happy Birthday Dane! Hope you liked your pizza cake! If you were these guys you totally would be flippin'!!


Anna said...

Lyndsay, u are too cool. So creative with cakes/cupcakes. I think my head would be messing with me if I ate that pizza cake. I would be expecting a salty taste but then bite into something sweet. too cool. Will u be doing anything special for the Olympics? Planning to come down for the games and hope to try some of ur creations then.


gerry said...

Hey Lyndsay,

Very cool!!

Now I can't decide "hambuger" or
"pizza" cake for my BD.??
.....Maybe both.. YES sir...ree..
Plus some assorted cup cakes too!!

Luv u, Daddie O...

gerry said...

"Hambuger..Oops...please forgive my Asian accent... "hamburger" cake as LJS correctly would say.
luv, Daddie..O.
Pizza cakes for ever !!

Coco Cake Land said...

thank you anna! yes, i really did crave pizza after making this cake!!

--DAD, you are HILARIOUS. ham"buger" cake... haha...

Snooky doodle said...

ha funny and yummy :)

Jennywenny said...

That is so fun! I like the idea of the white chocolate shavings for the cheese! Very cool.

Kumiko said...

What a fabulous idea! Very fun.

Loved the rest of your site, too. xo

Haley said...

That was fun to read! I don't know if I'm craving cake or pizza, confusing:) Just curious why you soaked it with simply syrup? Is it a flavor thing or function? Thanks again for your blog.


Coco Cake Land said...

-natalie, jenny, kumiko, haley, thanks!

-haley, i used simple syrup to soak the cake, to ensure it was an extra moist cake. that's all! :)

SweetThingsTO said...

Absolutely awesome and so creative! I'm doing a hamburger cake in a few weeks - that should be fun!

Sheryl said...

wow food cool. i think it'll be totally weird to bite into it because you'll be expecting some savoury pizza and it turns out to be a sweet yummy cake.

Once again Lyndsay you've managed to come up with something cool & unique..fantastic.

Sheryl said...

omg i just read Anna's comment and I've pretty much said the same thing haha hilarious..great minds think alike?

Coco Cake Land said...

hi juanita!! woohoo, can't wait to see your burger...

sheryl, thanks for the comments!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Lyndsay,

I bought a box of cupcakes from you at the Blim Market and I must say they were DELICIOUS!!!

I love the raspberry but, the lemon curd is my favourite. Always.

Haha. Thanks again!


Kate said...

hey cool cake! How much would something like that cost? either pizza cake or burger cake?


Terri said...

OMG this is the cutest thing I've ever creative!

Coco Cake Land said...

--arlene, super super cool!! thank you for your support!!

--kate, please email me at!!

--thanks terri!! :)