Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Coco Cake Party Jams - Children's Cake Round-up!

Oh to Childrenland we go!

I would say Coco Cake's orders are a good 50% children's birthday parties... which I love. I teach kids art, I adore kids and find them hilarious... so I'm always super stoked to make something for a little cutie-pie maniac kid or that softspoken shy kid or that inquisitive, funny and always-holding-a-book kid... any kid, really.

So here are a few of Coco Cake's latest creations for kids! Enjoy!

Rosanna requested a special Sesame Street-ish birthday flag for her son's birthday cake...

Cookie Monster! Happy Birthday Daniel!

Dimithra ordered this 2 tiered cake for both her daughters' Fancy Nancy Valentines themed birthday party! Coco Cake's first tiered cake!

Super sweet and simple pink fondant heart topped cupcake to go with cake.

Happy Birthday Sapphira and Nyla! And thanks to my cake buddies April and Jennifer for their advice on making the two-tiered cake!

Last minute order from Christina for a monster-sized DRAGON CAKE for William's birthday!
I put the striped cupcake liners in the pic for size comparison. This guy was very heavy and time-consuming! But I thought he turned out pretty cute!!

Cute little stripey Happy Birthday William flag!

Scalloped fondant scales covered his whole body...
inside was vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream.

Hoot hoot! An owl, star, moon and clouds cake for Kaiden's birthday!
With mini cupcakes to match!

I love that little star with the face on it. Too cute! A special star cupcake for Kaiden.

Cake side view. Inside was chocolate cake, chocolate ganache and chocolate buttercream...

Crazy fun times in Coco Cake Land. Thank you to Rosanna, Dimithra, Christina and Peggy for these fun children's cake orders!

More posts to come... stay tuned...

xo Lyndsay

xo Lyndsay


Maaike said...

Hi Lindsay, they are all great, but the last one is my favorite... love it!

Neha said...

I LOVE these! Each one is more fun than the next : )

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Hello Lyndsay,
I stumbled across your side through poppytalk... I adore cake. And I cry when I look at your cakes. And then I get furious because I can't eat them, living in Japan currently.

But what I really wanted to ask is: do you take apprentices? ;)

Thank you for making such great cakes... I wish I could eat one someday...

Alanna S. said...

Sleeping dragon! Love it, great job!

Coco Cake Land said...

thanks Maaike!!

thank you Neha!

Cynthia, how sweet... thank you so much for visiting! Japan,you lucky gal!!

Thanks Alanna! ^__^

Marj Jenkins said...

What sweet cakes! You did a nice job on your first ever two-tiered cake, Lyndsay. I can tell that you put a lot of heart into your creations for children. I know they each loved their special birthday treat!

onehm said...

You are so talented! I just found your blog and have loved looking at your different creations! Beautiful, whimsical work!


The dragon is too cute, you have such amazing skill!

Coco Cake Land said...

@Marj -- thank you so much... very sweet comments from a fellow caker, i appreciate it!!

@Onehm -- thank you kindly for stopping by and commenting! ^__^

@Poppyfrench -- thanks so much! I had fun making that crazy heavy dragon! ^__^

kim said...

Cookie Monster is my favourite from Sesame Street, so of course him in cake form makes me want to squeal! (that dragon is most awesome as well!) x

Coco Cake Land said...

hey thanks kim!!! cookie monster is seriously hilarious, what a nut!

Anonymous said...

OMG! You are amazing!