Thursday, September 29, 2011

Double Birthday Cuteness - Saya's 1st, Her Dad's 30th!

Tomo the cat cake and Funny Face cake!

Cake table loveliness!

Funny little wooden dude - one of Saya's favourite things!

Cake version!

Cake version of Tomo the cat!!! Oh, how I was chuckling away when making his crazed face.

Me trying to pet the real Tomo but him getting super mad at me! Still so cute!!! Oh well, I can always pet the cake version.

Cupcakes. Love the contrast of the bright red stand with the gingham blue liners... !

Lookit that face! HBD Saya!

Super cuted out cakes for super cute kid's parties? LOVE making cakes for them. Love it. Animal face cakes, especially. I'm thinking of only doing those for the rest of my cake-ing days.

It was my dear friend Miko's daughter Saya's first birthday party a few weeks ago... Saya's gotta be one of the cutest and funniest little babies I know. Her expressions are beyond bonkers... going from giggle-zone to stern frown in lightning speed... and whipping quickly to boogying chuckles back again! Saya's birthday happens to be the day after her dad Jason's birthday... pretty cute slightly belated birthday present for Jason one year ago, don't you think? A super cute baby? Yeah, pretty good present...!

Mom Miko asked me to make two cakes, plus cupcakes - the first cake for Saya based on this wacky little wooden toy she adores, and the second cake for Jason, based on their ADORABLE BUT CRAZY cat Tomo!!! Oh, I just want to pick up Tomo and cuddle him but I know he will tear my face into shreds if I do! He reminds me of my old cat Coco. Yes, I have loved the name Coco for years and years... ^__^

Saya's cake was vanilla with vanilla buttercream, and Jason's cat cake was vanilla cake with strawberry jam filling and vanilla creamcheese frosting, and the cupcakes were the same flavour! I am LOVING those gingham bright blue cupcake liners!

Thanks Miko for the super fun order... and happy birthday to dear Saya!

xo Lyndsay


Nina Designs + Parties said...

How cute! Next year I'm turning 30 and my daughter 1, so I might do something like that!

lidia said...

I'm absolutely loving these cakes!
You did a great job (:
the cat is my favorite, so good.

Alanna S. said...

Oh that is a cute baby and equally cute cakes! Love it.

Victory Rolls & Mixing Bowls said...

this is so cute!!!! well done :) Happy birthday to all

Nom! x

Brandy L said...

that is absolutely adorable! Great job on the two cakes! :)

Coco Cake Land said...

Thanks Nina!! ^__^ Yes, you should totally do a double birthday party! So fun!

Thank you Dia! I also love the cat!

Thank you Alanna - yes, crazy cute baby eh!

Thanks for visiting Nom! ^__^

Thanks so much Brandy! ^__^

Jan Halvarson said...

how fun!
: )

Holiday Baker Man said...

It all looked so great. All that effort was definitely worth it.

Send Cakes to Sri Lanka said...

they look so lovely, nice work. And your friend has selected really cute themes.. just wonderful

Andrea Reh said...

These are possibly the cutest cakes I have EVER seen.I am head over heels in love.

Andrea x

Coco Cake Land said...

Thanks Jan!

Thanks KT!

Thanks Sri Lanka!

Thanks Andrea!