Monday, August 19, 2013

Coco Cake Land Blog Anniversary + A Sweet Giveaway!

Holy guacamole.

Holy smokes.

Holy shnikey and whatever else holy you want to call it.. I can't believe I've been blogging for five years! And I also can't believe the cuteness of the fact that the date in which I started my baby, this here Coco Cake Land blog, on August 20th 2008, and then that happens to be the date I also give birth to my real-life baby, my son Teddy, in 2012!

Cahmannn, world - throw me another August 20th bone, why dontcha!

To celebrate, I'm throwing a 



Slog through these cakes to get to the details below! I'll be posting even more of my fave cakes I've made over the years through this week...

So five years ago my blog looked pretty different than it does now. 

Crappy flash photography photos, finding my voice in writing, weird muffins and shaky-hand buttercream frosting work. Five years of caking, baking, photographing and writing and I'm constantly tweaking and building and transitioning. It's always a work in progress! Even if those first posts are cringe-inducing, I'll keep them up to remind me of where I started!

And... of course I want to THANK YOU for being my wonderful Coco Cake Land readers, followers and fans! I wish I could meet you all and see what you're all up to. But what I want to do is offer a 5 Year Blog Anniversary Coco Cake Land Contest! Say that five times fast and you're the winner! Just kidding... ya gotta do more work that that... ;)

Ok! Here goes - I want to make an insanely excellent cake for one loyal and awesome Coco Cake Land fan here in Vancouver, BC Canada. And I want to send one special party pack of FUN to one loyal and awesome Coco Cake Lan fan that lives anywhere else in the WORLD. Yeah, take THAT, world mail service!

Local Fans Contest: 

1. Prove your cake love! Leave a comment on this post with the word LOCAL and a link to your favourite Coco Cake Land cake creation from my blog, why it is your favourite, AND tell me your best BIRTHDAY CAKE story you've got. I will choose one lucky winner based on your answer, who will win that very favourite Coco Cake Land cake. Oh snap! Cake prize valid for one year from contest closing and cake date subject to availability. I'll try my best to accommodate when you're hosting a birthday party or sweet celebration!

Worldwide Fans Contest: 

2. Prove your cake love! Leave a comment on this post with the word WORLDWIDE and a link to your favourite Coco Cake Land cake creation from my blog, why it is your favourite, and, yes, tell me your best BIRTHDAY CAKE story you've got!  I will choose one lucky winner based on your answer, who will win a totally random but FUN party pack delivered to you in the mail by yours truly. Oh snappers!

Contest is open until the clock strikes midnight, Pacific Standard Time, September 3, 2013. That's right - two weeks to get shakin'!

Thank you so much for being a fan and for helping me celebrate.

Ready? Set? Cake?


xo Lyndsay


Maria said...

Happy Anniversary! and Happy Birthday, Teddy!

jdawg said...

LOCAL! My favourite cake is this one:

because you made it for our wedding! It was tasty, but you know, I didn't get to eat enough of them on our wedding day. Isn't that always the way?

My mom made me lots of lovely birthday cakes when I was little, but for my 30th birthday I was pretty pleased to have her resurrect her cake making skillz for my party.

Its really best that others make me cakes as I have a history of being cake challenged. For one of my very first cakes, I actually messed up a cake mix. I put it in a pan that was too small, and when it began to rise past the top, I panicked and ladled out the middle. It was quite something to see...

Happy blogiversary!

Coco Cake Land said...

aw thanks maria!!

aw so nice to hear from you jen!!! loved doing your crafty cute wedding! "cake-challenged" - LOL! :)

Lindsay Yuasa said...

LOCAL. I think you're a cake genius, but being a super Totoro fan, the cupcakes are my fave (Though the Totoro birthday cake was amazing too.) Happy anniversary!

sara said...

LOCAL - yeah!

Happy blog anniversary! I've enjoyed seeing the wonderful treats coming from your kitchen. We've been lucky to enjoy one of your cakes too.

It feels unfair having to pick one favourite cake. I love them all. (Said in my best mom-voice.)

The catbus cake ranks way up there for me. We're big Miyazaki fans in my house. The catbus cake is a fantastic celebration of his world.

I've attempted making our family birthday cakes for the past year. This has resulted in one very-homemade looking robot, two dry layer birthday cakes and one trip to the ER for a sliced thumb. (My leveling skills need work.) Luckily, my kids are easy to please and my husband knows better than to critique. They were all made with love - that's what matters, right?!

My girls are already excited about their next birthday cakes. You'll most likely be hearing from me in the coming year. ;)

Coco Cake Land said...

@lindsay - oh thank you!! ^__^

@sara - thanks so much!!

loving the stories... :)

cara cepat hamil said...

This is my first visit to your blog, I think your blog is very interesting and original. the photos on your blog is also very nice. I love it!

Cait said...

WORLDWIDE- Ireland!!!

I love your blog, your cakes are beautiful. But I think my favourite cakes is this one -its just so cute! My sister is having a baby in the autumn/ fall and her theme for the room is owls!

I made a red velvet birthday cake for my brothers fiance last year and I had spent ages doing the buttercream roses on it, we had an 45 minute drive during which I had this cake sitting beside me, we were going round a round about and the person driving the car braked suddenly, everyone shouted but that didn't stop the cake falling, half of my roses went splat! However we were able to patch it up at her house and still eat it!
Happy blogiversary! :)

Mary said...


It's so hard to pick from your blog posts, so i have debated and i think i'm gonna pick this one
is sweet, lovely and so creative, the colors are subtle and beautiful <3

As for a story, i think i'll just tell you the story of my now lost favorite cake.

I'm originally from Venezuela and i still tell my friends that i'm on a quest to find again the perfect cake. Back when i was growing up there was this italian old Mr. that had his own bakery in an avenue nearby my home, he made the most amazing chocolate layered cake, it was similar to an opera cake but never tasted like it.

While growing up, he would give you a piping bag with white cream as a complimentary gift so you could play making little things to the cake at your home, the cake always had a beautiful clean and shiny chocolate cover and the white contrasted it so much, it was delicious.

For my 18th birthday i went as usual to his store, he was now very old so the past year he was never there but they always had the cake, i bought my cake as usual for my birthday (i probably had the same cake for at least 5 years in a row) my aunts will always bake me extra cake (cake fan here)

But when i went back to the same bakery a year later for my 19th birthday, they told me they only sell ice cream cake now and ever since my cake was gone, i always think he took his recipe away with him :(

So ever since, i have tried cake in many different places but never the same, its never exactly what i've been looking for, at least i had it all my childhood :) and that is definitely the first cake i remember and the one i miss the most.

Congrats on the anniversary and happy birthday to Teddy :D

Jose said...

nice cake :)

Coco Cake Land said...

woot woot!

@cara, welcome and thanks for stopping by!

@cait&joan - omg!! nightmare! i have had one horrible experience driving a cake, too - oh i get anxiety just remembering that horrible day!! :) thanks for your comment! :)

@mary - oh my goodness! i wonder what happened to the lovely cake making man?? lovely story! :)

@jose - thanks! ^__^

Jennifer Wilson said...

Lovely and LOCAL - that's what I love about your cakes! This is my current favourite:
I've been eyeing it for my horse-obsessed daughter, Poppy, for her upcoming second birthday.
As for birthday cake stories, I think you're proving birthday cakes are a story in themselves. They can reflect a current passion, age, time frame, family moment. They can ooze personality and really capture all the love that goes into planning a celebration for your parents, kids or even pets. A friend of mine once told me about the treasured journal her mom presented her on her 18th birthday. It contained a photo and description of every birthday cake she'd had growing up. I loved the idea. What a beautiful way to remember all the days and ways you were celebrated by the people who love you most. Now I'm keeping the same "cake" journal for each of my two daughters - and I hope to include a cococake (or several) in their books.

klmvirginia said...

WORLDWIDE - USA: After much deliberation, I decided that your tri-coloured Easter cake is my favourite.
Since I'm too far away to order one of your creations, I appreciate that you provide us with the guidance to create one ourselves!
My favorite cake story: My college sweetheart and I separated after 20 years but remained friends. I eventually started dating again - a Frenchman 20 years my senior. When my ex called to check in, I reported that I was busy making my new beau a cake for his 60th birthday. He responded with disbelief, "Sixty?!? You didn't tell me that he was sixty" and went on to tease me about dating a senior citizen. I had a number of witty retorts on the tip of my tongue, but kept my mouth shut. My new beau loved the cake, which I served with the satisfaction of knowing that true love doesn't depend on the number of candles.

maria said...

LOCAL I love the Sesame Street Cupcakes I love cupcakes more than cake as i think they are cuter and you don't have to cut them and it's easier to serve and they just look so pretty. I don't really have a fab cake bday story. My parents immigrated here so growing up as a kid i never got the regular or cute cakes i wanted. It was usually a custard thing from a specific bakery. I also never really celebrate my birthday so if i decided to i would serve these cupcakes and recreate the kids party i wanted lol

thimble said...

happy blog anniversary!

WORLDWIDE: Australia :-)

oh me oh my, trying to choose a favourite one was a tough process, but I think I will have to go with pineapple head:
It's just so darn cute and looks so yummy! (although I don't think I would be able to cut eat him with his adorable smile looking at me)

When I was younger I would choose a cake from the wonderful women's weekly birthday cake book ( you may not have heard of it seeing as it's from 'down under' but it was basically the cake bible for birthdays. My mum would cook one each year for my birthday and it was always so anticipated. But one year, my naughty cat got to it first! I was devastated, but my mum rushed down to the shops and bought an ice-cream cake, and we all had a bit of a laugh because the cat had icing all over her whiskers :-P

Coco Cake Land said...

@jennifer - oh i love that idea so much! that is so sweet. birthday cakes always trigger nostalgia and memory for me, too - ! love it. thanks for sharing!!

@klm - you are right! age ain't nuthin' but a number! thanks for sharing your story! :) i love that tri-coloured easter cake, too!

@maria mmm custard cake!! i kind of love all the different type of culturally specific cakes and desserts served... but i do love the idea recreating a kids birthday for your own! ^__^ thanks so much!

@thimble - thank you so much! ohmigosh i love the look of that book - i bet it's jammed with awesome cake ideas! i should look for it on Ebay! love your story - dang cat!!

hosting said...

Çok şirin pastalar :) Teşekkür ederim..

OMIYAGE said...

Happy happy! How awesome are your cakes (and you!) - from this post, I'm loving that burger and the orca cake... so clever!

But in general, I really loved the DIY Wedding Cake:
I went "oh, it's so beautiful, and maybe I could make that!" Always a good sign!

Oh, WORLDWIDE... though more like countrywide! ;)

Coco Cake Land said...

Aw thank you Marisa!! :) I love that cake too! Hope you try to make it!

Jen T said...

I think my favorite cake would be the burger cake.
I'm pretty sure this is the cake I saw that lead me to your blog!
I have many birthday cake memories. My aunt made all of my birthday cakes as a child. My favorite was a Strawberry Shortcake cake. I've tried to make all of my daughter's bday cakes. When she turned 4 I worked so hard on a 4 layered cake with 4 different colors. It was a hot evening and the cake just kept sliding and after many attempts to save it, and many tears, it ended up in a big bowl. At least it tasted great!
Thanks for the chance to win!

emily.marie said...

WORLDWIDE - Awww, shoot! I am less than an hour away but still international... wahh! :( Your cakes so so stinking adorable, maybe someday I will be able to place an order and make the trek!

Favorite cake - this is so easy, it's your Ron Swanson cake. Big fan of that guy. I also love this hairy pup cake because it reminds me of my Westie:

As far as cake stories go, my friend's is my favorite. Her birthday is on U.S. Independence Day, so she was always made the obligatory sheet cake with berries arranged on it to make a flag. One thing though, she hates cake but had never told anyone. (I've tried to understand this and cannot.) Finally, after 4 or 5 years of putting up with the cake, she started crying uncontrollably when they put the cake in front of her. There's a photo of this and it is fantastic. Now there is always ice cream cake served on her birthday. (Still delish!) This is my favorite cake story because it reminds me that whenever she is around and there is cake, there's more for the rest of us! ;)

Coco Cake Land said...

@jen - awww! just call it a "trifle" - i am sure it was delicious!! :) thanks for your comment and your story!

@emilymarie - yay ron swanson!! your poor friend! ice cream cake is my favourite, too! thanks for sharing!

Unknown said...

My favorite cake is the We love Totoro!

My cake story would have to be making a cake for my daughter's first after school party. I put so much decorations and candy on the butterfly shaped cake, it was enough to give you a headache! lol

Coco Cake Land said...

@trent - aw i love totoro too!! gotta love a candy-covered birthday cake! :)

Isabella said...

Hello Lindsay,

I am a fan, a follower and a food blogger from Italy.

I would love to partecipate at your contest therefore my favourite post from yours is this

I adore your rosette decoration!!!

I tried several times to make a good frosting but no succeeded yet!

My favourite birthday cake was a large creamy soft strawberry and cream cake, luckily I am born in May ;-)

You are one of the first blog I started to follow and you are on my blog roll!!!

I love your cakes so delicate yet so elegant and surely very yammy too!



Coco Cake Land said...

@isabella - thank you SO much! that's so sweet! :)

Anonymous said...

WORLDWIDE - Hi Lyndsay, I'm a big fan of your blog, reading from Canberra, Australia. My cake story is that your amazing blog inspired me to make a Hungry Caterpillar for my three year old daughter...which was such a success that I was gifted a cake decorating course for my 30th birthday and made my own masterpiece! I am now my extended family's go-to cake gal :) I just love the creativity involved and there ain't nothin' that puts a smile on people's faces like cake! My favourite Coco Cake moment (aside from the good ol' Caterpillar) is the Octonauts themed cake and cupcakes ( - we adore the Octonauts in this house and I aspire to that kind of fondant mastery!! You are an inspirational creative mama - keep it up and I will be reading! Lots o' love from Oz, Simone

Coco Cake Land said...

@simone! that is SO cool, i love that you love the octonauts - and that you rocked the hungry caterpillar! thanks so much for being a fan, cheers!! :)

Info Kesehatan said...

I love this blog.
Happy anniversary, hope your blog more successful and beneficial to readers

Natalie said...


Hi Lyndsay! I absolutely *love* the burger cake - - the fries and soda toppers are so cute and I would biting into that cake!

My best birthday cake memory is this: I grew up with my mom being a "non-baker". If I wanted anything baked, it ended up being store bought from Safeway (at the time, it wasn't bad, but still). So for my probably 7th or 8th birthday, my mom did pull out the Canadian Living bible cookbook and made me a birthday cake from scratch. I distinctly remember being at my party going "My mom *made* this!!" and all the kids giving me "yeah, so?" looks (because their moms obviously baked for them). "No, my mom *MADE* this!!". I was so excited and my moms face was *super* red. Oh this story comes up all the time at every family gathering.

rebadiva said...

Ok ok, it has taken your SUPER CRAZY #1 LOCAL FAN a while to post since I am in the middle of moving and who else knows what! ? (Your sis Leanne will know! :) Literally i am sitting in a pile of boxes and just got hooked for internet and Coco cakes are first on my mind!

But I finally have a moment and cannot choose just one...and now I can't find the links to the cakes that I love.

So the first one is the sushi /ebi cake. This is just an awesome cake despite me not being a sushi lover. But I love this cake. The 2nd one is Tantan's pineapple cake. It's so cute just like him. Reminds me of Tan in a pineapply kind of way:)

Best Bday cake story is one each from my kiddies. Life size replicas of their favourite stuffies were made for their 1st birthdays and the look on their faces was priceless! I will never forget how happy they were to see their beloved toys as their bday cake.

Marla Reichert said...

This dog cake is my favorite!! I remember my husband, Arch, happen to see it in my feed one day and he was like "it's so CUTE!" and I secretly think he wants to be presented with a cake like that at some point in his life. PLUS it has peanut butter icing! Saywah!? Confectioners are all on an anti-peanut tip these days and I LOVE peanut butter treats (Too bad people have allergies, but don't spoil it for the rest of us.)
My mom would make me birthday cakes in the shape of the number I was turning. And sometimes they were money cakes. I will never forget pulling chewed cakey mushy wads of wax paper outta our mouths. Unfurling the paper from around this piece of treasure...OMG! It's a $! bill! HA! Remember those! They stopped at age 10 because the double digits were just to much work for my mom I think. I don't think I've had a birthday cake since. Womp Womp. :(

Sophie said...

This is my favorite of your cakes (mostly because I love dogs, and those wrinkly bulldogs are adorbs). My best birthday cake story is trying to make a three layer tie-dye cake for my friend. WAY too much food coloring was used, and the cake was rather lopsided. Oh well, it tasted fine!

Coco Cake Land said...

@natalie that is SO cute and funny and sweet! :) love it!

@reba - aww that is sweet that you had life size replicas of favourite stuffies made! that would be mind blowing (and confusing? haha) when they had a bite of their stuffie... then the stuffie at home was not edible!! thanks for sharing!!

@marla - woot!!! i love that cake too! and great story, pulling out mushy wads of wax paper - yuck, but RAD!! money!! :)

@sophie - thank you!! ha, i've had some major food colouring faux-pas myself!! :) yes, luckily you can't taste it!! :)

Coco Cake Land said...

closing up the comments for now while i generate two winners!!! the answers are so awesome i think i will have to draw names out of a HAT! oh fun! winners announced tomorrow!! (Thursday September 5th)

Thank you to everyone who entered!! xo