Thursday, February 13, 2014

Red Panda Cake!

All these years I've been calling the panda bear my spirit animal. You know, panda bears are from China, I'm Chinese... but then there's this bumbling nutbar raccoon-like mammal lazing around in his fancy fur coat - yes, the red panda! These guys are so cute! So I have another spirit animal to choose from now. I wonder if red pandas like to bake cakes and eat ice cream. Hmmm...

I made this little cutie for baby Liam's 1st birthday - he has a red panda stuffie that he loves! Pretty darn cute. Happy 1st Birthday, Liam - and thank you Tiffany for the fun cake order!

xo Lyndsay


Jan Halvarson said...

who knew?

Natalie Hewitt said...

So, I recently made (or tried to make) the fox cake that you featured on Handmade Charlotte. It turned out different, but still cute! It was my first try with a pastry bag. Thanks for the fun inspiration- I'll come back for another idea- practice makes perfect:)

Coco Cake Land said...

@jan - ha!

@natalie - amazing!! just visited your post - thank you so much for sharing!