Sunday, November 30, 2008

The Choklit Shop

Call me Pop Tate Sung. We never learned much about Pop Tate in the Archie comics, did we? I can't remember a single personal story line for the poor old guy who slaved away at his malt shop serving punky teenagers banana splits and milkshakes. Who was this guy? Did he have a family? Or was Jughead and freckly Archie his "family?" I just googled him and apparently his real name was Terry. Terry Tate, heehee! My sisters and I were obsessed with Archie comics when we were kids. Every time we'd go out with my Grandparents we'd get to buy one, and our collection grew to taking over an entire bookshelf. Recently I picked up a copy of an Archie and Archie was all hip-hopped out and he was drawn to be more attractive-looking. Booo!!! Bring back ugly freckly red-headed, kind-hearted doofus Archie!

Er... pictured here: dark chocolate minis with chocolate ganache buttercream, decked out in red foil and silver dragees for a 20's themed party. The larger brothers are the same flavour but with choco-chips as decoration...


Snooky doodle said...

these cupcakes look great. wish i had one just now . yummy

gyoza*girl said...

Betty & Veronica Double Digest RULES!
those choco cupcakes were SO YUMMY. def one of my faves among the land of cococake. :)