Monday, April 4, 2011

Crazy Purple Barney Cake!

Barney had quite his day in the sun in the 1990s, eh? Purple dino power! And Barney is back for another chance to shine on a crazy looking purple buttercream-piped cake. I don't get to make figurines very often so this was a fun little purple dino to create out of fondant. And purple Barney rosette cupcakes to match!

Barney should totally party it up with Grimace, that other purple blobby creature. They could have a purple themed party with all purplish food. Eggplants, grapes, blueberries... a vegetarian feast!

Thanks Amelia for the cute order! ^__^


melly said...

incredible how the vibrant the hue of purple is, so nice!

Allison said...

This is so cute! And I love that adorable yellow cakestand! So bright and sunny! You wouldn't be willing to say where you got it would you? :)

Jello♥ said...

OMG i looove this way to much!!! this is adorable. my husband would love it! hahaha

Coco Cake Land said...

thanks melly!

hi allison! thanks so much! i couldn't quite remember so i googled it -- "flirt" by "potluck" pottery or something like that -- !? ^__^

thanks jello!


neda mone said...

I can't believe Barney is still popular! lol