Wednesday, October 9, 2013

I've Come To Suck Your Buttercream - Cute Dracula Cake DIY

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Guys, it's Halloween season! Do you remember last year when I made a green hairy witch cat cake DIY for Halloween?

Let me refresh your memory:

I know Halloween is supposed to be scary. But I just can't get into the super gory cakes and terrifying stuff - I prefer my Halloween light and bubbly with some cuteness thrown in... so I decided to make a "Coco Cake Land" version of a Dracula cake. It turned out pretty cute I think! Perhaps it looks a little more like Eugene Levy than I expected... but I like his hairy dark chocolate widow's peak and cutely evil face! 

Want to learn how to make Mr. Cute Face Dracula? Well here ya go!


You will need: 

A two layer cake of your choice, baked and cooled
4 cups of vanilla buttercream for icing the entire cake
An offset spatula to ice the cake with
2 cups of dark chocolate buttercream for the widow's peak hair
1 piping bag fitted with a multi-opening tip (also known as the grass or hair tip)
Fondant to make the ears, teeth, eyes and mouth
Red gel food colouring for a little bit of fake blood

Make it!

You did it! Now that you've made your Cute Dracula cake, it's time to throw a party! Look at this adorable Halloween paper garland I got from Minted: cartoon Dracula, Frankenstein and non-threatening skull faces - perfect for a stylish kiddie Halloween party. I always think a garland is a party waiting to happen. Such simple decor but with visual (and easy!) impact!

I had extra circles from the garland so I scattered it on my party table like confetti. You could use them as coasters, too!

And are you eyeing up that gorgeous jadeite green cake stand? Minted carries a super cute line of party supplies, including milk glass cake stands. They're classic and the perfect pedestal to raise the roof on your cakes. I've wanted one forever and was habitually scouring Ebay for them for a good long while. 

What are you dressing up as for Halloween (or what are you forcing your kid to wear, like me? Haha... he's only one, guys.)

Last year Teddy was a lobster. There are so many amazing costumes rolling around right now, particularly from Kelly at Studio DIY - her cake slice costume made me FAINT. My favourite of the year so far though has to be this BRILLIANT and hilarious Kit Cat Clock costume from Handmade Charlotte!  

More Halloweeny times to come at Coco Cake Land! 

xo Lyndsay 

This Cute Dracula Cake DIY was sponsored by Minted. I really like their stuff and their design philosophy so it is no stretch for me to use their quite awesome modern designs with my cakes. Go there now to stock up on Halloween decor goodies!  


Cloudy Day Gray said...

Love it!

Coco Cake Land said...

Thanks so much, Kelly! Xo

Sarah Crowder (punctuated. with food) said...

Suuuuper cute! And I'll take cute Halloween over scary Halloween, for sure.

chaoslady said...

a nice idea!

Coco Cake Land said...

@jan, thank you! ^__^

Coco Cake Land said...

@sarah, thanks so much!

Coco Cake Land said...

@chaoslady - thank you!

emily.marie said...

Aww, he's stinkin' adorable! And yes... he does look a little like Eugene Levy! hahaaha

Coco Cake Land said...

@mily.marie - thanks so much! haha... a little comedy thrown in there... ^__^

danielle @ this picture book life said...

This is so good. As is your Eugene Levy reference. :)

thimble said...

such a cute little dracula!

Coco Cake Land said...

@thimble - thanks so much!! ^__^

Unknown said...

I'ts soooooooooo cute! Love it.

Coco Cake Land said...

thank you, andrea! ^__^